My Why...

I have spent my life dedicated to the things I hold dear. I had spent my entire professional career helping others through my skills in emergency services. I am truly blessed to love the paths that have allowed me to do for others. I have served as a Hospital Corpsman for the United States Navy, and as a Firefighter/Paramedic in the civilian world.

I decided 30 years was enough and it was time to spend the rest of my life following my other drive; as an artist and photographer. Not realizing the desire to be art photographer led me to become a professional photographer to once again - help others with their needs!

What I offer you is photography & videography for all sorts of needs. I am a licensed Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Part 107 Pilot for commercial drone photography and videography. A unique niche I fill is being an interior drone pilot for commercial real estate needs!

Featured Publications:

  • Fire Engineering Magazine
  • Kenosha County Visitor's Guide
  • Milwaukee Real Producers
  • Racine County Eye
  • Real Estate Multiple Listing Services (MLS)
  • The Zion-Benton News

Professional Marketing:

  • ACTIONcoach
  • Ampco Metals.
  • Kurk Construction
  • Qdoba Restaurants
  • Zion-Benton Township School District 126


  • NFL legend Joe Theismann.

Currently Contracted by:

  • Racine County Eye
  • Shutter Zone Media
  • The Rough Cut
  • Visit
  • Would You Kindly?

What I do...

Before any photos or art can be created for someone; there has to be a spark. That idea that sounded like wind whispering the most obvious or concepts to you. It may not be a complete vision when the idea first strikes you. However, we discuss back and forth what it is that you see and what I can deliver and how we can make your concepts become realities.

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