My "Why..."

I didn't become a photographer out of necessity, but out of the drive I have always had in life; to make my world around me a better place. After spending more than a 30 year career in emergency services, I chose to take a path that continued to provide value to the world around me as well as fulfill my desire to express my creativity.

I have been published in local, regional, and national magazines as well as media companies. I have worked to fulfill different needs from real estate photos to musicians requiring concert or album images. I have provided for food service commercials and promotional work with NFL legend Joe Theisman.

What I do...

Before any photos or art can be created for someone, there has to be a spark. That idea sounding like wind whispering the most obvious of concepts, may not be a complete vision at first. However, we will discuss back and forth what it is that you see and what I can deliver until I can make your concepts become realities.